TeamWorkers is a short-term missions construction team ministry of MSC Canada. This ministry is intended to assist missionaries and national workers who have a construction/maintenance project which could use a team of workers (skilled &/or otherwise depending on the project) to come and assist with for a short period of time. This is not intended to replace local workers or easily obtained resources or do whole projects, but rather to draw alongside and offer encouragement and help where needed and appropriate for a short period.

Project funding is not being offered by TeamWorkers as each team member is self-financing and pays for their own expenses including air fare, insurance, food, accommodation and transportation costs along with a small amount toward building materials. Generally, TW teams are composed of 10-12 people for 2 to 3 weeks.

Assembly missionaries and full time workers in Central and South America and the Caribbean area as well as Angola and Zambia are invited to request a TW team to assist them with a project.   From the applications, a Projects List will be compiled that TeamWorkers will evaluate and could potentially assist with. TW involvement will be assessed according to; the need, the financial and physical involvement of those in the field, and the ongoing viability of the project.

If you have an upcoming project that you would like us to consider for a TW team, please complete the form below. Application deadline for the next round of TeamWokers teams is June 24, 2019.

Request for a TeamWorkers Team