Mexico, Chiapas 2014

Mexico, Chiapas

Approx. Mar 4 - 18, 2014

Approx. Cost $1600 ($700 + Air & Ins)

Team Leader: Gerrit Van Essen

Phone: 705-877-8691


Working with missionary Peter Terrell assisting with finishing construction of for the local mission office and recording studio at Chiapas.


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Mexico - New Camp Construction-TW Leader Gerrit Van Essen
Puerto Rico - Basketball court at camp - TW Leader Andy Logan
Guatemala - 2 new camper cabins - TW Leader Ron Heasman
Honduras - Church property security fence & house refurb -TW Leader Jeff Reid
Nicaragua - new camper dorm - TW Leader Eric Jolin
Zambia - Solar Electrical - TW Leader Don McKay
Zambia - Well Drilling - TW Leader Ken Wagler
Details and volunteer applications will be available at after August 15

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